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Peru Condorcanqui

Llamas and coffee. Just two of many amazing things that come out of Peru. While we'd love to fill your cup up with llamas, we can't. So, instead we bring you naturally processed Peruvian coffee. This medium-bodied single origin features bright acidity with flavors of concord grape, black plum and bittersweet chocolate.

The Cooperativa Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui (CJGC) where these beans hail from, is one of Piura's oldest co-ops and one of the northernmost ones in Peru, where its diverse climate starts verging on tropical. Although most of Peru's coffee is washed, almost all of the coffee from this region was unwashed prior to 1990. Almost uniquely, CJGC returned to this processing method to distinguish their coffee in a market that has historically been one of the world's harshest on producers.

Organic, shade grown, fair trade

Flavors: Concord Grape, Black Plum, Bittersweet Chocolate
Roast Level: Light

     Producer: Cooperativa Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui (CJGC)
     Country: Peru
     Region: Coyona, Canchaque region of northern Piura
     Process Method: Natural
     Elevation: Up to 1,600 meters (5,250 ft.)


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