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Natural Sidama

Every once in awhile we get a coffee so excellent we want to scream from the mountains about it.  Since there are no mountains in Madison, WI to scream from, we'll have to settle for this love note instead:

Dear Natural Sidama. You've come to us from the amazing birthplace of coffee. With flavor notes of blueberry, raspberry and black currant, your naturally processed beans have seduced us into a coffee coma. And we're not mad about it. Ranking in at an 88 on the SCAA quality scale, you are officially the highest rated coffee we have, and boy does it show. While we know this love can't last forever, we will cherish every fruitful, sweet and medium-bodied moment of it.

With Love,
Just Coffee Co-op

If this note doesn't tell you enough how awesome this coffee is, just try it for yourself. You can thank us later.

Seriously though, we are thrilled every time we get an opportunity to roast this natural processed coffee as it is always one of the most dynamic coffees in our limited single-origin lineup.

Natural processing means the fleshy part of the coffee fruit, called the coffee cherry, surrounds the bean during the drying process, resulting in a highly aromatic cup with strong fruity and chocolaty flavors up front. This coffee delivers, even offering some additional complex notes of blueberry, raspberry and black currant. 

Organic, shade grown, fair trade

 blueberry, raspberry, black currant

Producer: Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Sidama

Process Method: Natural

Elevation: 1,500-1,700 meters


Suggested brew method: Drip, Pour-Over


(Continental U.S. only)

All orders put in before 3pm CST will be shipped out within two business days. Please note that it takes 2 days to roast and package coffee. Ordering overnight or 2-day shipping will result in a shipment received 2 to 4 days after order purchase.

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