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Firecracker Espresso

Bursting with sweet citrus flavor and herbal aromatics, our single-origin Firecracker Espresso was created as a complement to our more classic, Italian-inspired Electric Monkey Espresso blend. This is new American espresso — bright, complex and delectably piquant. Served in shot form, a bittersweet, pale tan crema layer tops this electrifying nectar. Firecracker also plays as a more dynamic base to luscious frothed milk in cappuccinos, lattes and other classic espresso drinks.

Fair Trade, organic, shade grown 

Tasting notes: explosive, zesty, citrusy

Suggested brew method: Espresso, Drip, Pour-Over

 Original artwork by Stacey Earley.


(Continental U.S. only)

All orders put in before 3pm CST will be shipped out within two business days. Please note that it takes 2 days to roast and package coffee. Ordering overnight or 2-day shipping will result in a shipment received 2 to 4 days after order purchase.


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