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Cold Brew Blend

Just in time for the dog days of summer comes the perfect blend for cold brewed iced coffee. Rich with a malty flavor and hints of milk chocolate this blend is specifically designed for cold brewing. Follow this recipe for best results. 

What you'll need:

  • A large container for the water and coffee grounds
  • Filtered water(not distilled, not tap water)
  • A large fine-mesh strainer. We recommend a chinois style strainer
  • A 12oz bag of Just Coffee Cold Brew Blend
You can cold-brew coffee at home without a Toddy or any other specialized equipment. Stir 7.5 cups of the same filtered water you’d use for brewing coffee hot into 12 ounces of coarsely-ground coffee, making sure to evenly saturate the coffee, then let sit at room temperature for 12 hours. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer (you could even use a French press up to this step) & refrigerate until completely chilled. Again, this produces a very concentrated coffee, which can be diluted with filtered water or milk according to your taste preferences. 1:1 is a good place to start. The concentrate’s good, kept refrigerated, for about 2 weeks.


Organic, shade grown, fair trade

Tasting notes: malt, milk chocolate, dark chocolate  


Suggested brew method: Cold Brew


Artwork by Ada Love


(Continental U.S. only)

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