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Bike Fuel

This lovely blend combines light, medium and dark roasted coffees from Ethiopia, Uganda and Indonesia. An electrifying blend sure to get your motor running. This coffee is organic, shade grown, and always 100% fair trade.

Tasting Notes:  Bike Fuel is pleasant to drink. It has a comforting flavor profile of raisins, grapes, tobacco, carob, tarragon, pistachio as well as rum. It is strong enough to intrigue the palate and keep you going on a long bike ride. Enjoy it in the morning or anytime you need to increase your energy. Plentiful in both sweetness and acidity, Bike Fuel makes a well-rounded cup of coffee.

Fragrance: 3.25 (Raisins, farina)
Aroma: 3.75 (Raisins, Cabernet, rum, grapes)
Acidity: 3.25 (Braeburn)
Sweetness: 3.75-4 (Cinnamon sugar, raisins or other dried fruits, grapes)
Body: 3.25 (Thinnish)

Artwork by Eric Hagstrom.


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